Red Room Teachers


Nisha Rosas

Nisha studied Early Childhood Education at Contra Costa College and has been teaching at BHNS for 18 years.


Nancy Lewin

Nancy has an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara and is in her third year teaching at BHNS.


Kathy Carpenito

10 years of experience teaching preschool.

Blue Room Teachers


Tammy Springsteen

Tammy attended BHNS in the 70's when it was a co-op, and went on to an undergraduate degree in math from UC Davis, followed by a graduate degree in economics from UC Berkeley. She returned to BHNS as a teacher in 2008 after several years teaching economics at UC Berkeley.



Greg Lawton

Greg has a BA from Providence College and a Masters from the Naropa Institute. He has 14 years of experience teaching preschool-aged children in the Bay Area.


Maranda Barry

Maranda has a BA in Cognitive Psychology from Vassar College and is an assistant teacher in her first year. She has many years of experience as a summer camp counselor and childcare provider for young children.


Kathleen turned her focus to the field of education after having studied Engineering at Santa Clara University and was inspired by the growth and development of her two children. While studying Early Childhood Education she was mentored by Terry Gillen, the former head of Berkeley Hills Nursery (with 35 years of tenure at BHNS) and taught in the Blue Room.