Tonya, mother of Sophie Rose:

"Our daughter has wonderful friends she will keep into kindergarten and beyond, we have a terrific parent network, and each day she comes home with a smile. What more could we ask for in a nursery school?"

Eileen, mother of Julia and Caroline:
"Berkeley Hills has been a wonderful experience for our whole family.  My two daughters went through the program and blossomed socially, emotionally and physically.  The staff are experienced, caring and wise.  They sheperd families from the sometimes difficult separation anxieties of the first few days of preschool, through the exciting graduation to Kindergarten.  The materials are varied and the classrooms are ideal for the differing interests and developmental stages of the children.  Many families live near the school and become friends and help each other out.  Picking a preschool can be difficult, we so want our little ones to have the best possible early experiences.  I feel truly lucky that we have been able to be a part of BHNS." 

Kendall Webb, mother of Taylor and Mika (Alum):
"Berkeley Hills Nursery School is such a warm, fun, nurturing and exploratory environment. Two of my kids went to BHNS and absolutely loved it. For the kids, it was a perfect mix between free play where they could explore new things at their own pace balanced with structured activities exposing them to art, movement, songs, games, sharing and experiments. The art everyday was really cute and creative, and my house is still filled with their projects from those days. My son especially loved the science projects, with the highlights being the exploration of how it would feel to be an astronaut when the teachers pulled the kids up to the ceiling on a rope. My daughter loved the art and she came home singing new songs in Spanish most days. I loved the community of parents, kids and teachers and both my kids and I have made incredibly strong lifelong friendships there."

Kristy, mother of Owen and Liam:
"Both of my boys went through Berkeley Hills Nursery School and LOVED it. Not only did my kids thrive with the interactive, engaging, and fun activities, the teachers are incredibly warm and nurturing and really bring out the best in each child. The community of parents is a joy and I consider many of them good friends. I know that the relationships our children have forged at BHNS will continue no matter what school each child goes to next. I am so happy we sent our children to BHNS."

Yulia and Alexei, parents of Sophia and prospective student Peter:
"When our daughter was starting in the Red room we were very anxious. She is a shy child, we just had a baby, and she was still adjusting to the role of the big sister. Our greater fear was that her English was extremely limited since we speak only Russian at home. The teachers in the Red room eased her into the school routine and she loved outdoor play the most. Especially riding the pink scooter! In the Blue room her favorite thing is to do arts and crafts projects. She is now participating in circle time every day and speaks English freely. The school also has an amazing collection of educational toys and puzzles. When we go to the toy store I would pick up something with a "toy of the year" or "parents' choiche" award and Sophia would tell me, "We already have that at school". What matter most to us though is that she always feels loved in school and trusts her teachers completely."

Whitney, mother of Reid:
"The teachers at BHNS create an amazing environment for the kids. Their support and encouragement of creativity and intellectual curiosity have allowed our son to grow in his love of learning and sense of confidence."

The Angell family:
"Three out of our four kids had the chance to go to BHNS and enjoy the safe, fun, playful introduction to their schooling years. The school not only provided the care and love we were hoping for, but most importantly gave them a solid foundation for their social, emotional and academic skills. Leaving BHNS was hard, as our kids always talk fondly of their years there, but it was a very easy transition to their elementary school. The kids were well prepared and ready to face the new adventures the world had to offer them." We love BHNS. 

Jennifer & Michael, parents of Jake:
"My son Jake says to me most mornings, "is it a home day or school day?". When I respond school day, he gets very happy. We are in our 3rd year at BHNS and have been extremely pleased with the school. BHNS has it all, a beautiful environment that fosters learning through play, wonderful caring teachers, and a terrific community. BHNS is nestled in a beautiful neighborhood with lots of big trees to shade and filter pollution. The play areas are charming and fun and allow the children a safe place to burn off energy. The curriculum changes to match the children's interest. This keeps it very engaging and non-repetitive. My son loves his teachers. They are dedicated to each child to make sure they receive the attention needed to grow and learn. The school strongly promotes community by having parent socials, the park outside the blue room, and fun activities to meet the other families. We are so lucky to have found BHNS!"

The Titus Family:
"I can't say enough about Berkeley Hills Nursery School. My active son came into the Blue room not knowing any other children and found himself in the midst of fifteen new friends. He loved going every day. What challenges he faced were me by the more than competent team of teachers. Their patience and careful guidance, redirection and positive input, helped my son become the confident, happy, school-loving child that he is today. With several children, we've experienced two other pre-school programs. Berkeley Hills Nursery School stands head and shoulders above the rest for their individual thought and care for every child, whomever he or she may be." 

Anne Hausler, mother of Cathrine:
"In her third year at Berkeley Hills, our daughter loves school. For her, school is a source of friends, a kid place where teachers, like guardian angels, light and guard and rule and guide her and her friends through books and singing and games in the playhouse. In the Blue Room, she learns to count in Mandarin, mold clay into pots, bake pretzels, climb to the top of the play structure, swing down on a rope, and make sure her friends are always okay. The teachers call it discovery learning, multi-cultural education, motor coordination, pre-reading sequencing and socialization skills. But Catherine knows it for what it is: good for her. "You work really hard and get strong in every way.""